Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well today I had a pretty nice little 6 hours session. Started off at 4pm, and things did not go well to start off. I kept at it tho, keeping 8-12 tables open and constantly loading 26$s. At one point I was down 500$ on the day (well really 500$ invested), but I pulled even and then had a miraculous double win within 1 minute of two 26$s. I ran pretty damn hot, which kinda scares me because I know I will see the other side of that, but for now I can't complain. Today Was my biggest day ever, online or live. With bounties it totaled to 1261$, my previous biggest day was 1120$. Here are the Sharkscope stats:

Username Games Played Av. Profit Av. Stake Av. ROI Total Profit
Chuckruns 36 $34 15$ 176% $1224

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