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jamin said...

To those considering getting coaching from Jesse: I have played poker professionally for the past 7 years mostly at 2/4-5/10nl level. I also ran a successful poker backing operation where I staked up and coming poker players. Jesse was one of the coaches I used to help the players I backed work on their games. I sat in on several of his coaching sessions and I was very impressed. Someone who is willing to listen and work hard will vastly improve by working with Jesse. He knows both heads up and 6max play very well and does a good job of explaining complex strategies to his students. If your serious about improving your poker game a good coach is the #1 fastest way to do so and Jesse is an excellent coach.

Sean said...

Although I did not have that many sessions with Jesse, I was able to take a lot away from my short time spent as his student. At the time, I was finally beginning to get a grasp of 100NLHU and Jesse helped solidify many small leaks I did have as well as explain many concepts I had yet to think about. He was very helpful with video reviews of my play and was also willing to give me a video of his play so I could ask him questions about that as well. Jesse was very interested in seeing me do well and would put in what I believe to be several hours outside of our sessions to make sure I did as well as I could.I would definitely recommend him to someone who is still beginning to put his foot in the door of the HUNL world. I'm sure he can help other more sophisticated players as well. (Note: My short time with Jesse was not due to any short comings of his, but due to the fact that he was a coach I was given under a stake and I ended the stake early and the coaching ended. It was not due to his coaching ability whatsoever).

David said...

I have known Jesse for about 4 years now. I have a very large amount of respect for him; not only does he put in the time necessary playing to become better, he also someone who is very diligent with analyzing his game. He is a smart person, who works hard and has cultivated himself into a very proficient poker mind. He is a trustworthy and hardworking individual and I recommend looking into working with him if you can. I have discussed poker theory and have had training from him. He guages your skill level and alters the lesson that will help garner the maximum benefit through understanding where the student is coming from and what he/she needs to be working on. I found his training method easily understood and helpful. Jesse is a great potential coach for people looking to improve their game.

-David Mitchell

Ryan said...

I have been a successful HU player and coach for the last 5 years or so, under the names LJJones/MasterLJ. I was fortunate enough to coach Jesse over the course of several months. He took what I taught him, worked extremely hard, made it work for him, and now has developed his own coaching methodology. He quickly graduated from student status, to a respected peer that I often go to for HU advice.

Coaching requires work to improve, just as playing poker does. Jesse has worked very hard on materials to help his students, and has been very focused on creating a program designed to make players better.

His methodology is fundamental, therefore it will work for any version of NLHE. He provides the tools necessary to understand your edge.

Michael said...
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Michael said...

For those who dont know me, i am a very active deucescracked member.

When Jesse coached me i was playing nl100/nl200 on ipoker. I was struggling with adjusting to the better/ more aggro regs. He was able to identify extremely quickly what my leaks were and came up with a plan to get these plugged.

I had around 10 sessions with Jesse, we did HH review, video reviews and live sweats. As well as a few sessions dedicated to the math behind poker. Every single session i felt like i left with new found knowledge.

$80 is an absolute bargain and if anyone looking for coaching doesnt snap take up this opportunity, they will feel wasted in the long run.

Jesse did not only feel like a poker coach to me, but felt like a friend. We discussed many life problems together. He is one of the nicest guys i have met on the internet and only have good things to say about him.

...though he needs to get his ginger beard dyed(or shaved off) :p

AriS said...

First time I looked at this site, I thought...omg, is it smth called poker charity?
So many useful info and Jesse is rly open to share with basic+ things(Im also sure that some of middle or even high regs dont have a clue about these).
What is more, I rly enjoyed classes with Jesse, sometimes it was like he tried to do his best to make topics clear to me. When he got a question and while answering it, he allready had another way to describe it in his head.
He is also still open (and I hope he will) for my questions/his opinion etc etc.
So I would strongly advise to take his lessons and Im sure u'll benefit from it!

Omar said...

Very trustworthy. I originally hired Jesse for six sessions but due to financial trouble I was not able to keep working with him. I got a refund within a week, no questions asked, no delays.
As for his coaching ability, he is great; not only is he very articulate and able to explain concepts pretty well (check strategy section), but he is also very organized and actually cares about his students’ progress.
Highly recommended if you are looking to improve your game.

djalexlee said...

Hey guys,
I play as djalexlee on stas and decided to receive some help with my game so i can move up to harder games. I win 25nl with a decent winrate over a big sample, but when i move to 50nl nit - festival tables i hit a wall. As part of Team Moshman one of the biggest advantages is that you can get in touch with people that have awesome poker minds. So after meeting with Jesse Foster aka entrncd and having my first session am pretty impressed. With only 2 hours with Jesse i got a big boost to my game and confidence. Jesse didn't treat me as a stupid lower stakes player no matter how stupid my questions were... He was able not only to spot leaks and give general advices but provided me solid math proof, easy to work on my mind about these topics. I can happily say my time and effort were invested wisely and I recommend Josh to anyone out there wishing to take poker seriously.