Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekly Update! 4/10/12


ServerBTest002 said...

I'm gonna steal some of your ideas for sure... your spreadsheets look awesome.
I have a questions regarding your second sheet... (3.40)
How do you track down the time spent? Also, don't you find it very time consuming? I'm really interested how do you track down your time...
Recently I bought rescetime, take a look at it, maybe you'll find it interesting.

at 5,09 there is the "hours logger" , can you tell me a bit about that, 'cause I didn't saw anything like that before

at 6,00 there is your gmail calendar, wow you are very busy man, I was wondering if you are using some kind of software that help you out to compile the calendar... Open up the calendar everytime you do something, or you are planning to do something is too slow for meibu

Jesse Foster said...


Anonymous said...

The Ace poker drills vid seems promising, downloaded the 24hr trial for myself; can't say that I was that impressed by it, I prefer the equilab trainer + your spread sheet for my equity training needs.

That being said I'm looking forward to hearing your take on it.