Thursday, January 5, 2012

Strategy Segment- Mental Math Workout


Eagle7 said...

For some reason "correct answer" does not show for me after entering my estiamte.
Also, as all points columns, difference columns etc. list #Value!
Same thing was happening in your last drills excel spreadsheet.

I am using Win7 and Excel 2007.

I am loving these drills you've been working on. And I am sure they'll only be improving as well as help me improve.

Anonymous said...

Really promising work Jesse, I am having the same problem as Eagle7 , I've tried it in Exel 2010 and Calc.

This is exactly the kind of training I need right now. Your help would be much appreciated

Jesse Foster said...

Hey Guys,

As you can see I have found a way to embed a spreadsheet in the page. I need to transfer the spreadsheet over to gdocs, but then you should be able to edit on the web page and download with gdocs which is better overall. Should be done in the next couple days. I'll likely be putting all the calculators on here eventually.

Jesse Foster said...

Ok, so the spreadsheet is uploaded to gdocs as a template! You should be able to create a copy easily. You will need a gdocs account, but that is super easy to do. I tested it and it all works. Enjoy!


Eagle7 said...

I keep getting "We're sorry.
We're sorry, your spreadsheet cannot be copied at this time. " when I click the spreadsheet...

I hope it's temporary, I'll let you know if it works later on.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
I appreciate the work, this and the equity trainer are now both working perfectly in Excel 2010 and Calc (win7).

Thanks again