Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mental Warm Up/Review

Steps to Mental Warm Up

Should take about 1.5 hours

1. Make five thought out strategy posts in your respective forum. Focus on the OP, not the responses.

2. Go over 10 key hands from previous session extensively.

3. Go over list of things to work on.

4. Go over weekly, monthly, 3-6 month, and yearly targets.

5. Go over game plan.

6. Visualize both A and C game each for 1 minute. Visualize triggers for tilt and ways to
deal with them.

Observations and notes:


ServerBTest002 said...

Hi Jesse how are you doing? I don't know if you remember me but we worked together for a very short time when I was staked by Jamin.
However I'm lurking your blog now and I'm finding it very interesting.
The mental warm up is a great thing, right now I'm working with Jared Tendler, and he underlined the importance of warm up.
I like your procedure even if I find it too long for me... but you know, we gotta do what work for us.
The goal review in the mental warm up is really great and I will implement it in mine as well.

Ty for the video ;)

Entrncd said...

I am doing great! What was your name? I would probably remember you. I'm really glad you find it interesting.

I'm also very jealous that you get to work with Jared, he is amazing. Someday when I can afford it I will definitely get coaching from him.

Yeah mine is a little long, but it can be tailored to be short if needed pretty easily. What is your warm up usually?

ServerBTest002 said...

I'm Matteo, I don't think you remember me because we worked together for a very short time (I guess 2 lessons)...
Regarding my warm up, right now I got 3 warm ups. One for when I wake up, one before beginning the first session and another one for study.
This things reminds me my goals, why is important to do something etc.
Instead go over some hands I'm using pictures and music to charge me up.
So I have 3 videos, made with pictures, each of them last on the screen about 20 seconds, and during the slideshow music is playing.
For me it works pretty well...
I have so much work to do btw, but this is helping me a lot.
Below you can find one picture example...

Jesse Foster said...

Of course I remember you Matteo! So sick that you got to work with Jared, I can't wait to do the same myself. Soon methinks...