Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back again... lol

So I feel I've been missing something out of my life, and I think blogging may be it. I dont get very much time alone with my thoughts these days, so this will be my outlet for that. It will also give me a place to just post my thoughts and brags that my friends would probably get annoyed with if I told them all the time.

So I suppose I should give you guys an idea of what I've been up to poker-wise. A few months ago I switched from grinding 90 mans on FTP to HU cash. I started at 50NL HU for the first month and did very well to start off. I was running somewhere around 20bb/100 over like 20k hands, and thought I was god because I kept hearing 10bb/100 was impossible. I decided to 3 table a reg on deep tables after he dumped one stack to me. He was good and aggressive, and my counter to this was to spew like crazy and 3 and 4-bet a ton. I ran super bad against him, like 10BI below ev, but also played terribly and lost like 1100 to him (all my profit for the month). I just couldn't stand to be beaten by anyone.

This led me to an epiphany that I was being results oriented, and that was what led to my insane monkey spew. After a few days off I went back to grinding 50nl HU and May went much better. I did a much better job of table selecting and quit whenever I thought I was tilting. May was very successful for me. My plan was to play 100k hand of NL50HU, and at the end of may I had played 55k. Heres the graph from that month.

At the beginning of June I was planning to keep playing NL50, but ended up switching to NL100 and NL200 just as the month started. My first month at those levels went quite well, I only played 18k or so hands online but played a bit live and won 1500. Throughout this whole time period I was watching tons of vids and table selecting a ton. Heres the giraffe from that month.

June was pretty cool and my biggest month up then, made like 7400 with rakeback and live pokers.

For july I set my sights on making 10k and came pretty close to accomplishing it. Came up just short but with rakeback it was around 9900. I ran worse than I ever have before which frustrated me but I also put in a ton of volume as well. Heres the graph from July.

So far august has not been going to well. I am winning like 700 but have had huge swings on a daily basis (like 2k swings). That doesnt bother me as much as this general feeling of not caring. I feel kinda burnt out, working at starbucks and doing 30+ hour weeks at poker with videos and playing time. Plus this pre-paid legal thing is stressing me out as now I feel I have another responsibility that I dont relly want. Heres the month so far:

So that pretty much brings us up to date. I left a lot out but I didn't feel like writing 5 hours on this. I'll probly post more later today.

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